We offer a full range of Bob Heath  replacement visors for classic and modern helmets made in the U.K. to British Standard 4110 available in clear, light tint smoke, gradient half tint, anti fog options and non certified dark tint smoke.

We also sell genuine original visors for many of the leading helmet manufacturers such as Agv, Arai, Caberg and Shoei.

If you can't see the visor you are looking for in our shop please click here to see our Alphabetical reference list of visor models that we currently supply. Alternatively please use the contact us page with your requirements and we will try to help you.


We offer a range of visors for open face helmet owners to choose from, these being :-

Five Stud Wrapround visors,

The Jet Three Stud visor,

The Jet Flip Ratchet visor.

Five Stud Wrapround visors

Bob Heath wrapround visors are available in two sizes - BHV001 standard size  and BHV001A extra long for helmets with side press studs set further back on the helmet. These Five Stud Wrapround visors are made from 1.0MM flat abrasion resistant LEXAN® in a choice of colour options offering 97% - 100% UV protection and BS4110ZA certification. They are a classic fixed position universal style visor to suit most five stud open face helmets . Double action peak studs allow the re-fitting of a peak if required.

The Jet Three Stud visor

Available in a choice of colour options and made from 2.0MM abrasion resistant LEXAN® offering 97% - 100% UV protection and BS4110 certified . The Jet 3 stud visor is a 3D curved fixed type visor that will fitmost open face helmets . It is secured in place with three adjustable press stud fixings.

The Bob Heath Jet Flip visor

The Jet Flip features :-

a five position ratchet visor with upwards lift stop,

abrasion resistant coated Lexan polycarbonate 3D curved visor blade,

integral sun peak,

three adjustable nickel plated press studs,

can be worn over glasses,

BS4110ZA certified,

The Jet Flip visor is available in a range of colours with fog resistant coated options . There are three sizes of visor available, small, large and extra large.

Small fits Helmets with small circumference shells suchas: DAVIDA 91, THH-T381-SMALL, ARAI FREEWAY SMALL & MEDIUM, SPADA SMALL & MEDIUM.

Large fits Helmets with Large circumference shells such as: ARAI FREEWAY-LARGE, DAVIDA JET, THH-T381-LARGE, SHOEI RJ , BELL RT , V-Can V500,ETC.

XL (Extra Large) fits Helmets with Large circumference shells where the Peak studs are positioned high on the shell and the two outer top edge studs are higher than the centre stud such as: CROMWELL SPECTRA, RAVEN, SPADA LARGE, JEBS GTO & THH T380 & T381-SIZE M, ETC.

Due to the varying nature of Jet Style Helmets and their stud positions this list is not comprehensive and we recommend checking the fit of our Jet Flip on your Helmet to confirm compatibility.





Bob Heath Visors manufacture a large range of tear offs. Designed to suit most of the racing specification helmets fitted with 2D type race visors  by the leading helmet manufacturers.

Tear offs are available in clear and smoke tinted options .

Click here for current Tear Off range



Bob Heath Visors Vee Wipe the original and best visor wiper blade available.

With improved design for greater comfort supplied complete with securing band to attach to your glove.

Recommended for use in fog, rain or snow showers, the Vee Wipe will give clearer vision in an instant simply by wiping the blade across the front of your visor . It really does help to give you a far safer and easier riding experience whilst riding in wet and hazardous conditions.

Made in England from the best material available it is supple and does not require any pre-warming prior to fitting.

The Vee Wipe is supplied with a securing band which can be black or red in colour , this band is looped through the end of the Vee Wipe then it can be looped around the wrist of your glove when in use or storage.





Please beware of cheap imitations available which are made from very poor and inferior rigid materials which are uncomfortable to use ( warming or immersing in hot water prior to use is required ).


Available in single size packs or twin packs of two sizes.


Bob Heath Demon Film Visor Inserts

Bob Heath Demon Films are 0.175mm thick tinted film inserts that are designed to be fitted to the inside surface of a clear visor to change its appearence and to allow the visor to give good sun protection.

The films are available in three colour options :_

Dark Smoke, Mirror Chrome and Mirror Gold finish.

The dark smoke film gives the effect of a dark smoke visor when viewed from the outside and similarly the Mirror Chrome and Gold give the appearence of Chrome and Gold Mirror finish visors.

All three colour inserts give the effect of looking through a dark tint smoke visor when viewed from the inside .

The films are quickly and easily fitted to your visor by means of the tab stop fitting system supplied with the films.

Demon films are available in either a universal shape to fit a wide range of visors, and an Arai helmet visor shape to suit most Arai visors.

Some trimming of the film may be required to achieve the correct fitment on certain visor models. This is easily performed using sharp scissors.


Bob Heath Visors manufacture Fairing Screen Extenders in two sizes for use on road or racing motorcycles.

Small size Fairing Screen Extender

The small size extender gives an extra 50 to 75mm of height to your screen depending on fitment , they measure 160mm deep at the centre and are 220mm wide . They are available singularly in 1.5mm clear and smoke tints or in twin packs of 1.0mm thick clear material. The twin packs can be mounted to fairing sides for use as side deflectors if desired. The extenders are fixed in position by drilling four holes and securing with the M5 clear screws and nuts provided.


Large size Fairing Screen Extender

The Large size Fairing Screen extender gives an extra 135mm of height to your screen depending on fitment, they measure 260mm deep at the centre X 220mm wide.They are available singularly in 1.5mm clear and smoke tints or in 2.0mm thick dark tint material.The extenders are fixed in position by drilling four holes and securing with the M5 clear screws and nuts provided.     *THESE EXTENDERS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR OFF ROAD TRAIL/ADVENTURE BIKES WITH NEAR VERTICAL FAIRING SCREENS.*




Bob Heath Visors stock a range of visor pivot fitting/mounting kits to keep your helmet in use should you lose or break a screw or mounting part.