Bob Heath Demon Film Visor Inserts

Bob Heath Demon Films are 0.175mm thick tinted film inserts that are designed to be fitted to the inside surface of a clear visor to change its appearence and to allow the visor to give good sun protection.

The films are available in three colour options :-

  • Dark Smoke
  • Mirror Chrome
  • Mirror Gold finish.

The dark smoke film gives the effect of a dark smoke visor when viewed from the outside and similarly the Mirror Chrome and Gold give the appearence of Chrome and Gold Mirror finish visors.

All three colour inserts give the effect of looking through a dark tint smoke visor when viewed from the inside .

The films are quickly and easily fitted to your visor by means of the tab stop fitting system supplied with the films.

Demon films are available in either a universal shape to fit a wide range of visors, and an Arai helmet visor shape to suit most Arai visors.

Some trimming of the film may be required to achieve the correct fitment on certain visor models. This is easily performed using sharp scissors.