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Important notice

Please note that the EU is making changes to its VAT rules. This will affect all shipments from the UK to the EU delivered after 1st July 2021.

From July 2021 the EU is removing the €22 VAT exemption for imports. VAT will then apply at the rate of the buyer’s country of residence. This means the receiver will have to pay any customs duties and taxes applicable to their order to their own country’s customs authorities. VAT will apply at the rate of the buyer’s country of residence. (It is not the same VAT rate for every EU country).

Due to these EU changes our website is in the process of being updated to only apply a VAT element to UK deliveries.

All prices to all European union and rest of the world destinations will then be zero VAT rated. We will also be amending our previously subsidised shipping rates to all EU member states and rest of the world shipping destinations.

During the website update period we kindly ask that all customers residing in the EU contact us via email with the details of any orders or enquiries to allow us to provide you with a zero VAT rated price and true shipping costs. (It will help if you can provide the information on the visor model required, the quantity and colour required plus the delivery destination)

Please note that we have no control over any import VAT or customs charges and should you have any concerns about this please contact your local customs office for advice before placing any order with us.