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These BHV510 visors only replace genuine “G” type visors as fitted to Arai Giga and Arai Signet helmets from the late 1980,s-please see the picture of the genuine Arai visor end which our visor replaces. The main distinguishing feature of these visors is that they have solid complete pivot holes

They do not fit later Arai  Giga 2, Signet GT, Signet Q helmets from the 1990,s  which were fitted with quick release “G2/G3” type visors which do not have complete pivot holes ( they have a section of the holes cutaway ). These helmets require the Bob Heath BHV 534 replacement visors.

The visors are available in  clear and light smoke tint .

Please select which colour you require from the option list .

The visors are all BSI approved and fully U.K. road legal.

The clear visors give give 97 % U.V. light protection and the smoke tint visors give 100 % U.V. light protection.

Made in the U.K. by Bob Heath visors Ltd from 2.0mm thick Lexan polycarbonate, all of these visors have an abrasion resistant coating on both inner and outer surfaces.

Tinted visors are recommended for daytime use only and are stamped as such as per the BSI standard requirement.

The visors are not pin lock ready, (no pin lock pins fitted).

We do not fit a black plastic moulding to the visor bottom edge  as per the genuine visor but we do drill the small screw hole so that you can fit the moulding from your own original visor should you wish to do so.